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Baltimore Historically Has a "Pervasive Culture of Avoidance" Toward Race Matters, Hopkins Professor Says. Speaking at a conference sponsored by Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc., and the University of Maryland School of Social Work on January 20th, Dr. Matthew A. Crenson said while Baltimore avoids the charged racial confrontations of other cities, "outward civility covers festering wounds." As the meeting place of North and South, Baltimore avoided topics of race and slavery to keep the peace. Attendees agreed more openness and honesty will help improve race relations. (Baltimore Sun, January 21, 2001:6B)

Multi-Organization Effort Begins $191,000 Campaign to Educate Consumers on How to Avoid Illegal Housing Practices. The media campaign - billboards, bus signs, radio and TV ads, and brochure distribution - is targeted toward women 25-49 who rent housing in areas hit by the flipping fraud, the hardest hit to-date. Partners included the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, Baltimore DHCD, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and many others. (Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, January 16, 2001)


Fair Housing for the Real Estate Practitioner. Robert Pattison. Suburban Real Estate Services, 2000. 2nd ed. 160 pp. $24.95. Much-praised summary of the most important parts of Federal Fair Housing law. Well written with a question-and-answer format, chapter quizzes, and a test.

Looking for Fair Housing Info? Check Out HUD's Fair Housing Reading Room: Among many others, it contains accessibility guidelines & designs, law decisions, best practices info, Fair Housing providers, publications, etc. And HUD's "bookshelf" on Fair Housing is also excellent:

Community Liaison is an interesting publication of the U. S. Treasury's Office of Thrift Supervision. It contains articles about community development activities, regulatory initiatives, training, grants, etc. or telephone 202-906-7857.

A Community Builder's Tool Kit for Creating Interracial/Multicultural Communities Released. Developed by the Institute for Democratic Renewal & Project Change Anti-Racism Initiative, the Kit includes coming to grips with racism, multicultural identity as strength, constructive partnerships. Order a copy for $1.50 from 909-607-1473 or

What Are Your Fair Housing Rights? The GBCHRB's website has the laws, practical guidelines, and info about our TV and radio shows, programs, and studies.

TV Worth Watching!?! Local! Community, Improvements, Housing, Neighborhoods, Living, People, Rights! The GBCHRB's Neighborhood Beat is on Seven Cable-TV Stations. The 30-minute interview show runs on Channels 21 and 5 in Baltimore City, 99 in Anne Arundel County, 72 in Baltimore County, 3 in Carroll, 3 & 7 in Harford, and 71 / 8 in Howard County! Call 410-453-9500 or the stations for days and times!


A Symposium on Predatory Lending Will Be Held at the John Marshall Law School, on April 6-7, 2001. Sponsored by Fannie Mae Foundation and the School's Legal Support Center, the event is free. Info:

A Fair Housing Forum Will be Held on April 26th by the Maryland State Office of HUD & Many Area Organizations. Entitled "Housing For All Through Justice For All: Celebrating Fair Housing Month in Maryland," the event will be from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Baltimore Urban League, 512 Orchard Street, Baltimore. Info: 410-962-2520, x3119.

A Fair Housing Symposium will be Held by the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors on April 26, 2001, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Costing $99 for members and $125 for non-members, the symposium will be at Radisson Cross Keys. Info: 410-337-7200.


The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King, editor. Newmarket, April, 2001. $6.95. The second edition of the paperback edition - containing over 120 quotations on racism, civil rights, justice, faith and religion, peace - commemorates King's life.

America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences, Vol. 2. Neil J. Smelser & Faith Mitchell of the National Research Council, eds. National Academy Press: May, 2001. 480 pp. $49.95. Leading analysts examine trends among our racial minorities, including criminal justice, minority-owned business, wealth & racial stratification, residential segregation, educational test scores, health, and the labor market.

Challenges to Equality: Poverty and Race in America. Chester W. Hartman, ed. Sharpe, June, 2001. 336 pp. $26.95.

Pocket Guide to the Fair Housing Act Accessibility Guidelines. Steven Winter Associates. John Wiley & Sons, June, 2001. 160 pp. $39.95.

If White Kids Die: Memories of a Civil Rights Movement Volunteer. Dick J. Reavis. University of North Texas, April, 2001. 128 pp. $22.95. Memoir of volunteer for the 1965 voter registration program in Demopolis, Alabama: "The price the white middle-class Texan paid when he spent a summer on the wrong side of the tracks."


Jack L. Levin, State ACLU Founder, 88. Levin, founder and president of the Maryland ACLU, was a lifelong advocate for civil rights and civil liberties. Sidney Hollander, Jr., said, "What drove him was his uneasiness at the thought that someone else might be uncomfortable." (Baltimore Sun, January 27, 2001:5B)

Glenn M. Plunkett, Advocate for the Blind, 81. While with the American Foundation for the Blind and the American Council of the Blind, Plunkett worked with Congress to improve laws and programs for the blind. He also served as director of Maryland's Disability Program in the early 1980s. (Baltimore Sun, February 13, 2001:6B)


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